This is a project I worked on for a restaurant in Guelph Ontario. My client needed a simple website to display their menu, location, and hours. They also wanted a way for customers to post reviews, and upload photos of themselves wearing RU Serious clothing in the community (this has become a local tradition).

The front end of the website is a fairly simple single page website. Everything was designed to be responsive in order to be accessible to the largest audience possible.

In order to facilitate the review and photo features, I developed a custom management system in PHP. The system accepts photo uploads and reviews, and holds them in a queue. The site administrator is notified of the new posting, and is given an opportunity to approve the review.

The administration dashboard

I used the MaterializeCSS framework to build the user interface of the dashboard. The goal was to make it as simple as possible, so that anyone could use it with minimal training. By utilizing a material design framework, I was able to implement common interaction patterns that most people are already familiar with.

The items list

My client also wanted to be able to edit and manage the menu on the website. To facilitate this, I added an easy to use editing system to the administration page.

Editing an item

Everything makes use of AJAX calls to a PHP based API. This provides a seamless experience for the user, and minimized the number of jarring page refreshes.

The backbone of the system is a basic MySQL database. This holds the users, the menu items, the reviews, and the photos.